Automatic Industrial Cordless Brushless Power Torque Electric Screwdrivers Series.

  • SKC-P120W has a built-in LCD display showing recharging status. If the temperature is over the limit when recharging, the charge station will turn on a protection mechanism which stops recharging the battery.
  • Charge station can identify whether the battery is supplied by the original manufacturer. When other brands of batteries are connected to the charge station, it will turn on the protection mechanism to stop recharging the battery.
  • Over-recharge protection / Overvoltage output protection / High temperature protection. Auto-buzzer reminds when the battery is fully recharged.
  • Wide voltage range (90-240 V AC) applicable worldwide. Small size, light weight and quick recharge. Extended battery can have 80% of its power recharged in 35 minutes; the standard battery in 25 minutes.

Models: SKC-PTA-120/SKC-PTA-80