• Provided with the rocker arm able to revolve on 360 degrees.
  • Main shaft can be extended to maximum 830mm.
  • Power arm inside includes introgen gas stick allowing the user to grab the arm easily; automatic lift-up to position after finishing the work.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Optional accessory KP-VA1, KP-VAR (90 degree adapter) is available for the user to adjust the angle in accordance with the object to be fastened.


  • Main shaft can be extended to maximum 340mm.
  • Steady bearing in horizontal direction for screwdriver to act vertically precisely.
  • Utilize KL-1200 to suspend the spring hoist vertically and capable of making adjustment at screwdriver's weight.
  • Steady screwdriver with 4 sides of plate - the horizontal and vertical positions of screwdriver's head become more accurate.
  • Applying to low-torque, high-precision screwdriver, most suitable for small objects.

Models: KP-AUX2 / KP-AUX5 / KP-AUXA / KP-AUX1T