Handheld Micro Sensor Torque Drivers ng-TDH

  • Total Torque Range: 0.01 – 5.0 Nm
  • Ultimate Torque/Angle Measurement Precision:
    Strain Gage based Rotary Torque Sensor integrated at the Bit Chuck
    24 bits A/D Converter Resolution of the Torque Measurement at the Rotary Part
    Brushless Digital Signal Transmission from the Rotary to the Stationary Part
    0.1 Degrees Resolution of the Angle Measurement directly at the Bit Chuck
  • Brushless DC Motor Technology
  • Sophisticated Screw Tightening Strategies
  • All Controls integrated
  • Industry-4.0-compliant
  • High Productivity

Interface Capabilities:

  • 12 Digital Inputs (NPN/PNP configurable, isolated, 24 V DC)
  • 8 Digital Outputs (NPN/PNP configurable, isolated, max. 500 mA, 24 V DC)
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • RS-232

Micro Sensor Torque Driver Software n-quirer TD

  • Torque Driver Parameter and Program Management
  • Graphical Process Visualization and Recording
  • Automated 100 Percent Process Data Logging
  • Excel Export with SPC Functionality