Low Torque DC-type Automatic trigger start clutch screwdriver.

  • New technology, ergonomic two-color housing, high temperature-resistant, vibration-resistant, friendly holder, fashionable appearance, light, easy handling, free from fatigue after operating for a long time.
  • Low torque whithin accuracy ±3%.
  • Small, light body (270g), specially designed for the precise fixing of tiny screws.
  • High tech DC motor with parts made in Japan with high-quality extra strong magnet, low electirc current, stable running, high stability and automatic stop when a screw is fastened.
  • 0-8 stepless torque adjustment, rotation speed selected by switches Hi & Lo.
  • Suitable for industry of cell phones, digital cameras, notebook computers, PDA, DVD-players, MP3-players, CD-R, LCD and high-tech computer peripheral.
  • Torque fixing ring (KC-4) can be set to fix the torque. Slow start is optional if needed.
  • SKD-2000L Trigger series meets UL, CE approval and ESD is offered for the needs of customer.

Models: SKD-2000L / SKD-2200L / SKD-2300L