Medium Torque automatic vacuum screwdriver.

  • Vacuum screwdriver was taking the series of SKD-BN200L as reference and was created by adding the vacuum head. The main purpose is sucking the non-magentic screws, such as plastic screws / aluminum-made screws / stainless steel screws and any other screws that does not contain magnetic.
  • Any type and specification of screws can be sucked - only a replacement of the head with KS-2B model is needed.
  • The volume of vacuum screwdriver pump is small; it is suitable to all kinds of vacuum screwdrivers.
  • The suction of vacuum pump is powerfukl; if the screws tray is used together, it will be more convenient and easy. The screws can be placed on the tray first and then sucked by the vacuum screwdriver.

Models: SKD-BN512L/P (Vacuum Type) / SKD-BN519L/P (Vacuum Type) / SKD-BN517LF/PF (Vacuum Type) / SKD-BN512LF/PF (Vacuum Type)