Power Torque Automatic push start clutch screwdriver with counter.

  • Brushless motor, the perfect combination between screw counter and electric screwdriver, and most fit for operating in clean-room environment.
  • Torque range from - medium & small-sized screwdrivers. Widespread and extensively applied by users.
  • SKD-BE series is a compact combination of LED counter and electric screwdrivers. Two-color housing, easy to operate, suitably used on production line and makes controlling the number of fastening screws effcient and handling quality high.
  • Easy to set up all functions, user can set up this counter according to needs and leave the system to inspect the precision of fastening screws automatically.
  • This system can set up Effective Count Number(SC), Automatic Zero(At), Start Detect Time(Lt), Stop Time(Ht), Double Confirm Time after Fastening(LL), Waiting Time between Two Screwdrivers. A professional design for the users' needs.
  • Automatic Learning can complete necessary time from start to fastening; it lets the user confirm whether it is an ideal fastening value.
  • Signal output by OK ALL/OK ONE/N.G. in the screwdriver's open collector. The user can select another wire to connect PLC if necessary.
  • If start time doesn't stop as Ht time is over, that means stripped or wrong screw. If start time stops before Lt time that means a screw is stuck or wrong. This function can effectively determine whether screw fastening is right or wrong.
  • After setting up screws fastening, shut-off can be confirmed just one time during pre-set time

Models: SKD-BE512P / SKD-BE519P / SKD-BE512PF / SKD-BE517PF