Power Torque Automatic trigger start clutch screwdriver.

  • Brushess feature is applicable in a clean-room environment. The output of torque is highly stable. It is not only an easy-to-operate equipment but it can also be operated continuously for a long period.
  • One LED on the housing is to remind the operators that the screwdriver is connected to the power controller.
  • It is a non-carbon, low noise and low voltage tool. Various torque ranges can be selected : / 2,000r.p.m and / 1,000r.p.m.
  • The best choice when composing vertical, internal parts and/or any large-size electric equipments, including home appliances, LED/LCD panels etc.
  • Optional accessories like a spring balancer, or a hoist or pistol grip can be added for easy and safe operation.

Models: SKD-BN830L / SKD-BN850L / SKD-BN830LF