Semi-Automatic Industrial Cordless Brushless Medium Torque Battery Screwdriver.

  • The high power brushless motor was researched, developed and produced by Kilews, with a 1 year warranty.
  • The best choice of industrial assembly tool wichcan set the maximum torque up to 12 N.m, and the repeatable torque accuracy within ± 10%.
  • Adopting Japanese high performance Li-ion (Li-Mn) battery which has the longest standby time and lifetime.
  • The cordless battery screwdriver has a beep alarm warning when the battery power capacity is low. The red LED will flicker on 20% of battery power and light up continuously on 10% of battery power. User can be reminded to replace the battery by the LED warning light.
  • The cordless battery screwdriver has a built-in indicating light to indicate the fastening procedure during operation. The green LED will light up and give a short beep warning for every fastening screw. Conversely, the red LED will light up and give a long beep warning if the screw is fastened incorrectly or NG.
  • LED illumination - LED will light up while screwdriver is operating to help the user to see the fastening object status and to make sure the screws are aimed to exact positions.
  • Users can select HI/LO speed via the electric switch to meet the operation requirement.
  • In order to hold the cordless battery screwdriver comfortably, the shape is designed to be elevated at 10 degrees and balanced as an excellent ergonomic design.
  • Torque Identification Rings are attached to distinguish the torque with different colors after the torque has been adjusted.
  • In order to extend battery operating time, the cordless screwdriver will turn to sleep mode automatically when it idled over 3 seconds. Sleep mode helps to save power and extend battery life time.

Models: SKC-PTS-120 / SKC-PTS-80 / SKC-PTS-50