Pneumatyczny klucz dynamometryczny, seria RAD TV

The RAD TV series solves an ongoing problem in the bolting industry: Incorrect air supply and wrong tool operation can cause differences in torque output of your tools.
With RAD’s TV wrench, the operator gets a clear visual indication whether the actual torque is deviating from the set target torque, therefore reducing errors in the bolting process.
At the same time very high torque accuracy can be achieved when using the real time Bluetooth torque graphing mode.

Besides on-site joint calibration, this pneumatic torque wrench has several useful functions such as:
• Easy data logging and collection
• Instant torque readout
• Real time graphs
• ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ indicator light
• Smartphone / tablet app
• Bluetooth connectivity
• Repeatability of < +/- 2% on transducer verifi ed torque (1% accuracy)