Enhanced Design on GBJ-Series Bottle Jacks

Enerpac is upgrading the current GBJ-Series Bottle Jacks with a new, enhanced design. The new Bottle Jacks feature the same tonnage capacity and equivalent height as the existing tools, but offer a number of enhancements:

Old GBJ-Series Bottle Jacks
New GBJ-Series Bottle Jacks
Jack Handle
Fixed handle design with multiple pieces
Single telescoping handle
Jack Handle Mount
Fixed mount
Swivel mount
Positioning Handle
No positioning handle
Positioning handle on 20 ton through 50 ton tools






As the matrix above indicates, the new Jacks feature a telescoping handle, which fits into a swivel mount. This replaces the current handle, which consists of multiple rods, which are inserted into one another, and fit into a stationary mount.

All 20 ton and larger tools feature a top positioning handle, which also serve as a storage location for the Jack handles when not in use.

In addition to these features, the new Bottle Jacks are lighter and more compact than the existing tools.