Servo Press ESTIC Corporation

Servo Pres - Tool Unit

  • 6 tool models are available to cover 5 to 100 kN range which satisfy the user needs.
  • Its multi-axis structure, without any additional equipment, ensures reduction of installation space and man-hours.


Environmental Consideration

Reduction of energy consumption and noise with superior features of a servo motor drive.
(Energy consumption is approx. 10 - 20 % less energy in comparison with air or oil powered presses.)

Improvement of Production

Controlling load, position, speed, and time with high accuracy optimizes production cycle time.
Feeding back real time operation conditions prevents damaging work object.

Safety Design

Internal brake holds ram from free fall in case of power failure.

Easy Setup

System configuration is simple consisting of tool, controller and cable. User friendly parameter input enables short setup times.
(High accuracy load cell and revolver are used.)


A large range of data is collected allowing for full traceability.