B-Rad Select up to 4.00 Nm

RAD Torque Systems is pleased to introduce the new B-RAD SELECT series. With a torque display and two simple buttons the user can easily select the desired torque value by steps of 10 Nm.

The B-RAD SELECT is added to our B-RAD range. The discount structure is equal to the standard B-RAD.


B-RAD Standard SELECT Digital
Ustawienia momentu obrotowego 8 ustalonych wartości Co 10 Nm Co 1 Nm
Programowanie ✔
Licznik cykli ✔
Wybór jednostek (Nm / FTLBS) ✔ ✔
Poziomy dostępu użytkownika ✔ ✔
Długość narzędzia (A) +0 mm +0 mm +25 mm
Indeks cenowy 100% 111,5% 140%


Also introducing the B-RAD SELECT 4000 model, which has torque ranges up to 4.000 Nm. This tool offers the highest power-to-weight ratio of any battery torque wrench on the market today.

All standard B-RAD series torque wrenches can be upgraded to the B-RAD SELECT*.
* Calibration is required

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