The MV-RAD will quickly tighten or loosen bolts with accuracy and reliability. The torque can be set by a membrane key control stageless or with 200 setting options. Torque and more parameters can be programmed individually on custom demands. In addition, this torque wrench is equipped with an angle function.

The MV-RAD features a special Bolt Check function (optional). This program allows the operator to check if an already tightened bolt is still within torque specification. The MV-RAD is able to verify the existing torque and will not add any extra torque while doing this. If the bolt requires further tightening, it will do so automatically and report the degrees of turn needed. This feature works very well in combination with the Smart socket™.

Torque range: 65 – 8.000 Nm

• High performance bolting tool with torque shut-off system
• Stageless or 200 torque setting options
• Angle function
• Password protected
• Pistol grip with membrane key and OLED-Display
• 360° rotatable handle
• 8 Programmable presets
• Programming on custom demands
• Bolt check function (optional)