Hydraulic tools, such as hydraulic cylinders, pumps, torque wrenches, spreaders, nut splitters, press and positioning tools, are broadly used in all industry branches. Lifting and positioning systems and launching systems for bridges or linear lifting systems, are used e.g. to build bridges, ships and stadiums, and in extraction industry, where great force with high precision and safety is needed. The power hydraulic systems based on ENERPAC hydraulic tools that we offer are first of all a safe and efficient solution. Operations requiring high forces have a high risk, and for this reason our devices go under regular control in ENERPAC Authorized Service Center.

Examples of power hydraulics application:

  • lifting and lowering constructions and loads
  • bolt tightening and loosing
  • positioning and rectification
  • transporting constructions, machines, loads
  • lifting and transporting large size constructions
  • flange wedging