Screw Counter ( For Carbon Brush Screwdrivers).

  • Auto-detect of missing and stripped screws, floating locks and wrong choice of screws.
  • Selectable auto-reset or manual reset.
  • The most complete function system such as SL, SC, RC and SP settings, auto reply for the output timing AT, LT, HT, LL. This is the most professional design and choice.
  • Slow-start RPM, possibility for adjusting the torque at 60%~100% of the original RPM by slow-start speed knob.
  • Auto-Learning function, to measure the time of screw fastening; convenient when the users simulate the time of the screw fastening for special screws.
  • 5 sets of data memory. The users can choose a single set to operate, or 5 sets to operate periodically for one screwdriver. It's the best choice among screw counters.
  • Displaying the quantity of unfinished or fastened screws; the user can add external sensor switch to avoid any mistake from shortage of screws. And it is able to prompt the user automatically while the fastening job is done. External devices can be also connected to the crew counter .
  • Setting output and input signal (Open Collector) function is suitable for semi- or fully-automatic operation. Detection of the Contact Point function, prevents the operator from improper operation on the production line. The sensor signal makes an accurate calculation.
  • Able to connect with external PLC system to make production line effective. Computer calculation of the screws number which must be fastened allows avoiding any unnecessary neglect of screw fastening.

Model: SKP-C32HL