Brushless Automatic Industrial Cordless Medium/Low Torque Screwdriver With Counter.

1. SKC-PTA-BE series

a. Built-in error proof function

  • NG / OK / OKALL
  • Screw list
  • Screw count
  • Battery capacity
  • Connection status
  • Driver lock

b. Display screw tightening status by LED and LCD
c. I/O signals to PLC by KL-WSCBSN
d. Input signal to control driver by PLC

Function Setting:

A. Screw list
B. Screw count
C. OK ALL signal time
D. Maximum fastening time
E. Minimum fastening time
F. Driver lock when error occurred
G. Auto stop after batch complete
H. Fastening speed and time

Models: SKC-PTA-BE120 / SKC-PTA-BE90 / SKC-PTA-BE50F